Goldencut Gold

Goldencut Gold


GOLDENCUT “gold” chopping board

Dimensions of the board are loosely based on the “golden cut” If you chose a rectangle why not chose one that most people will find pleasing. Architects, including Le Corbusier and Salvador Dali, have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio or golden cut and even before them Leonardo da Vinci. It can be traced back to Euclid who lived 300 BC.


The board is designed and handcrafted in Copenhagen. It is made of white oak wood that is antibacterial by nature. The origin of the wood is Danish or German. It is painstakingly glued of 3 oak planks that have been color matched to make it bend less easily over time. Traditional gilding techniques have been used to apply the imitation gold leaf onto the sides of the wood applying 6 layers of lacquer, for a long lasting seal. Designed by me, eschel a one man company developing innovative products.

The sharp edges of the board gives you a clear and precise definition of the working area and at the same time gives your hands the tactile reminder that you soon will be working with something sharp - a knife. The boards thickness gives a good working distance from the table and gives the board a great way to dry.

While Diamonds may last forever, the golden edge on this board will not. It will at some point slowly flake off. This I hope will further the aesthetic of the chopping board giving it some history and patina.


Before first usage smear all the sides of the board in household olive oil and let it soak for 10 minutes before drying the board with a paper towel. Repeat this over time to keep the board in good condition.

When you clean the board with soap and water for the first time, the wood grains may rise, making the surface feel rough -if you don’t like this- wait til it is dry and use 180 - 240 grit sanding paper and slowly sand the wood surface in the direction of the grains, until it feels more smooth. -Never use any rough or sharp objects on the golden surface itself only use a dish brush or a sponge -and no, the goldencut is not dishwasher safe.

When washing the board always wash all sides of the board, and dry it immediately with a towel. Let it balance on its thick edge and air dry -don’t let it lean against a wall- this way the air drys it evenly hereby keeping it straight, this prolongs the life of the board.

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