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The new clamp with built-in light. Put it on your bag, dog – almost anywhere, and when it is put on, it turns on. Just use a finger to change the 2×1620 batteries that are in each lamp, and you are good to go again, even though this should not happen very often. The 1620 batteries are also made as rechargeable batteries.


When the jaws of the lamp are more than 3 mm apart the lamp starts flashing. Put it on your jacket, bag, dog or whatever you can think of and it turns on. Taking it off turns it off in one single movement, this also prevents it from turning on in your pocket.

This is not just any elastic band, it is TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane which is ultra durable and all weather resistant. There are no screws in the lamp, so by cutting the band, each component – plastic, metal and electronics are released as clean parts and can be easily recycled.




These lights might not live up to government requirement of bike lights in some countries and are primarily intended to extend the visibility of the user. There are two lights in a package, one white and one red. They are flashing to make them last the longest possible. Batteries can easily be changed by hand. They are designed, engineered and assembled in Denmark Copenhagen.


150,- Dkk/ 20,- Eur/ 22,- Usd


Vesterbrogade 106A
1620 Copenhagen V
mail (at) madeinvain.dk

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for the use of the lamp before you buy it. This makes me sleep better at night.

madeinvain is a one man company that loves to learn all steps in designing producing and selling items.

help widen the knowledge of this new product. Cheers!


Say hello to Vesterbro’s little friend!

Sep 23, 2014 |

Say hello to vesterbro's little friendMade in vain is currently working on creating a mounting device that enables users to mount the Vesterbro clamp lights onto any bicycle with only two simple steps. It is the ambition to create a mounting device that match the design features of the Vesterbro light design and that simplifies the use of the clamp light on a bicycle. Made in vain has studied different types of bicycles and has come to realize that the higher the lights are mounted on the bike the better, this makes the rider visible behind objects, hills and other vehicles – because of this realization we think it is suitable to create a mounting device that consists of an L-shaped holder and then a strip to mount the device with.

By creating the mounting device as a two-part product you are able to fit the device anywhere desirable. You just have to insert the strip through the mounting device and then place it where you like on your bike. Made in vain is currently having a number of tests done in order to find the very best and most convenient solution in order to make it easier for you to just hop on your bike and get going. Made in vain has currently had 3 different types of mounting devices 3D printed in The Netherlands and with this technology Made in vain hopes to explore new materials, forms and structures.

Stay tuned for more!

Bicycle mounting device sketches

Sep 3, 2014 |

bicycle mount sketch

Sketches made to explore a mounting device that works for any bicycle.

Designmuseum Danmark / Kunstindustrimuseet are now selling made in vain

Jan 18, 2014 |






new cover for normann copenhagen

Dec 20, 2013 |

Testing the new cover for the display, showing that the lights can be mounted on a pram also. I have seen some people buy them only for this purpose and thought it would be smart to make it part of the visuals.


10 more made in vain for normann copenhagen

Dec 6, 2013 |

I am happy to have delivered 10 more vesterbro lights to normann copenhagen østerbro!

10 more made in vain vesterbro lights for normann copenhagen

10 more made in vain vesterbro lights for normann copenhagen